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Traditional File Services Administration Guide

NetWare® provides the traditional NetWare file system components and utilities, such as NetWare partitions, NetWare volumes, and file management utilities.

This documentation includes the following information:

NOTE:  Novell® Storage ServicesTM (NSS) is the primary file system. You can create and use NSS partitions and volumes along with traditional partitions and volumes. This documentation focuses on traditional file system information.

Functionality pertaining to the NetWare file system continues to evolve. Consequently, there are sometimes a variety of ways in which a particular procedure can be performed. There are also various ways in which the file system itself can be viewed. Novell clients, for example, provide access to file system features and functionality that were once accessible only through NetWare utilities. Wherever possible, links have been provided in file system documentation to let you explore the variety of ways in which you can complete a task.

Because NSS is the primary file system, many of the links in this document will access it. For more information about NSS, see Novell Storage Services Administration Guide in the Novell Storage Services Administration Guide.

Documentation Conventions

In this documentation, a greater-than symbol (>) is used to separate actions within a step and items in a cross-reference path.

Also, a trademark symbol (®, TM, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark. An asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark.

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