5.4 Verifying the Installation

Perform the following steps if you want to verify that the installation was successful. For troubleshooting your installation, see Section 11.2, CIFS Installation and Configuration.

5.4.1 Verifying Files and Folders

Run the following commands on the OES 11 SP3 server console:

  1. Run the ls /opt/novell/cifs/ command and verify that the bin, schema, and share folders are present.

  2. Run the following commands and verify the presence of the following files:



    ls /opt/novell/cifs/bin

    • cifs-config.sh

    • cifs_create_proxy_user.sh

    • cifs-lcm.sh

    • cifs_proxy_rights_assign.sh

    • cifs_retrieve_proxy_cred.sh

    • cifs_update_proxy_cred.sh

    • encrypt_password

    • getpwpolicies.sh

    • novcifs

    • retrive_proxy_cred

    • verify-user.sh

    ls /opt/novell/migration/sbin

    • migcifs.sh

    • migcifs.pl

    • migCifsS

    • migCifsC

    • readCasaC

  3. Run the ls /usr/sbin command and verify that the cifsd file is present.

  4. Run the ls /opt/novell/cifs/schema command and verify that the following files are present:

    • nfap.ldif

    • nfap.sch

    • password-policy.ldif

  5. If you selected CASA storage for storing the CIFS proxy user credentials, run the CASAcli -l command to verify that there is an entry for novell-cifs.


    If you selected a local file for credential storage, verify the existence of the .cifspwd.enc file by running ls -a /etc/opt/novell/cifs.

  6. Check for libcifslcm.so library under /usr/lib64.

5.4.2 Verifying the File Configuration Information

Verify whether the following files are populated with the information you specified while using YaST for configuration during installation:

  1. Run cat /etc/opt/novell/cifs/cifs.conf and verify whether the configuration is the same as you specified during installation.

  2. Run cat /etc/opt/novell/cifs/cifsctxs.conf and verify whether the context information is the same as you specified during installation.

5.4.3 Verifying LSM Installation

LSM installation can be verified either through iManager or Local File System.

Verifying through iManager

  1. In iManager, click NMAS.

  2. Under NMAS Login Methods and NMAS Login Sequences, verify that the cifslinlsm method is present.

Verifying through Local File System

  1. Verify that CIFSLINLSM_X64 is present at /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/nmas-methods on a 64-bit system.