23.1 Planning Your Migration

Make sure your setup addresses the following requirements before you migrate DSfW:

23.1.1 Supported Platforms

Source Platforms

The following platforms are valid source platforms for the migration process:

  • OES 2 SP3

  • OES 11

  • OES 11 SP1

  • OES 11 SP2

  • OES 11 SP3

Target Platform

  • OES 11 SP3

23.1.2 Prerequisites

Before you proceed with the migration, review the details in Section 9.1, Prerequisites. For a successful migration:

  • The source server and the target server must be in the same eDirectory tree.

  • Ensure that the time is synchronized between the source and the target server.

  • The source and target servers must be in the same subnet and gateway.

  • The target server must be a non-replica server in the eDirectory tree. To make the target server a non-replica server, select the Novell Pre-migration Server option while installing OES 11 SP3 on the target server.

  • The target server DNS entry must point to the DSfW source server IP address.

  • Host name of the target server should not be the same as any other server in the DSfW tree.

23.1.3 What Is Migrated

  • DSfW configuration data present in eDirectory.

  • Configuration files for DSfW services such as kerberos, samba, xad, and rsync.

  • Non-DSfW services such as iPrint and NSS. Non-DSfW services need to be migrated according to the migration procedure for a particular service.