16.2 Setting Up QuickFinder Server on Linux Cluster Nodes

On each OES 2 Linux node, do the following to set up QuickFinder for Linux:

  1. Cluster migrate the Linux POSIX cluster resource to the OES 2 Linux node where you want to install QuickFinder

  2. Install QuickFinder on the active cluster node.

  3. Create a virtual search server to enable QuickFinder Server to work in a cluster.

    Give each virtual search server the same name and location. After the first server is set up, any settings that you create on the shared volume are automatically displayed.

    1. On the active cluster node, open the QuickFinder Server Manager.

    2. Click Global Settings, then click Add New Virtual Server.

    3. In Name, specify the DNS name of the cluster.

    4. In Location, specify the Linux path on the Linux POSIX cluster resource where all of the indexes and virtual search server settings will be located.

    5. Click Add.

  4. Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 for each of the nodes in the cluster.