16.0 QuickFinder Server

In a Novell Cluster Services cluster, you must install QuickFinder on each node in the cluster. This registers QuickFinder Server with each of the Web servers and application servers running on each server. On OES 2 Linux, QuickFinder is installed by default in the /var/lib/qfsearch folder. We recommend that you use the default path. After the installation, you must set up one or more virtual search servers to enable QuickFinder Server to work in a cluster.

When the Linux setup is completed, you are ready to manually migrate settings from the NetWare cluster to the Linux cluster. Set up QuickFinder on the OES 2 Linux cluster nodes, then manually migrate QuickFinder data from a NetWare node to an OES 2 Linux node.

For information about using the QuickFinder Server Manager and other procedures for QuickFinder, see the OES 2 SP3: Novell QuickFinder Server 5.0 Administration Guide.