11.5 Managing NetWare on a Virtual Machine

Virtualized NetWare is managed in the same way as if it were running on a physical machine. For information about managing your NetWare server, see the NW 6.5 SP8: Server Operating System Administration Guide. For additional information about managing NetWare servers in a virtualized environment, see Running NetWare in a Virtualized EnvironmentNW 6.5 SP8: Server Memory Administration Guide in the same guide.

11.5.1 Using the Virtual Machine Manager

Managing a NetWare virtual machine is simplified by using the Virtual Machine Manager utility, which is installed by default when you install the Xen virtualization software.

To start the Virtual Machine Manager, open a terminal prompt and enter virt-manager.

For more information, see Managing a Virtualization Environment in the Virtualization with Xen guide.

11.5.2 Using the Command Line

Many NetWare administrators prefer to manage the server through the command line. If you want to use the command line, you should be aware of the following issues:

Terminal Size

The terminal window might display only 80x24 characters. If you don’t want to scroll to the command line, you need to resize the terminal.

NetWare Debugger

If pressing Alt+Shift+Shift+Esc doesn’t launch the debugger, you can enter 386debug at the command line.

VNC Viewer

In the VNC Viewer, pressing F8 displays a pop-up utility menu. Press F8 twice to pass single F8 to the remote side.

The xm Commands

  • You can also manage the NetWare virtual machine, and all other virtual machines, by using the xm command line tools. For more information, see The xm Command in the Virtualization with Xen guide.

  • To make a break in NetWare from a terminal, enter xm sysrq x c, where x is the domain ID and c is any keyboard character.