21.3 Migration Scenarios

DHCP migration supports two scenarios:

For more information about these scenarios, see Support Matrix for NetWare and OES Services.

21.3.1 Transfer ID

In this scenario, the identity of the target server is swapped with the source server. The IP address and the machine name of the target server change to the source IP address and machine name. The target should be installed in the same tree as th e source server. The target should be a non-replica server.

Based on the level of migration (subnet, server, or tree), the configuration objects are created for the Linux DHCP server on the target tree inside the dhcpService object created during migration.

21.3.2 Consolidation

In this scenario, the configuration data associated with the source server is associated to a single target server. DHCP Consolidation migration can be performed at the tree, server, or subnet-level.