2.4 Service Migration Status

Displays the migration status and progress of each service along with logs.

2.4.1 Service

Displays the status of the selected service. If a service is in the Migrating state, the progress of the migration is displayed.

Table 2-1 Migration Status




The service is configured and ready to migrate.


The prerequisites and migration options configured for each service are validated.


The service is in the process of migration.


Synchronization of the services on the source and target server is complete.

Started: Displays the date and start time of migration for a service.

Elapsed: Displays the service migration execution time.

Percentage: The completion percentage of the migration for a service.

2.4.2 Logs

Displays the service migration log. A log directory is created in the same path as the migration project.

NOTE:If there is a Fatal error, the overall migration process is stopped and details are logged in migration.log.