18.3 Migration Procedure

Migrating the AFP configuration is done by using the Migration Tool or through the command line interface.

18.3.1 Using the Migration Tool to Migrate

  1. Access the Migration Tool by using the steps detailed in Section 5.2, Launch the Migration Tool Utility.

  2. Authenticate to the source and target servers.

  3. Select Novell AFP, then click Configure. The AFP configuration window is displayed.

  4. Click Start to begin the migration process.

18.3.2 Using Command Line Utilities to Migrate

To run the AFP migration utility through the command line, run migafp with the following parameters:

Table 18-1 migafp Command Line Parameters




Prints a summary of the migration process


IP address of the source server


DN of the source tree admin. For example : cn=user, o=company)


Admin password to authenticate to the source server

For example:

migafp -s -u cn=sourceadmin.o=novell -w password