4.11 Understand Your Installation Options

Before installing OES, you should be aware of the information in the following sections:

4.11.1 OES 2 Installation Overview

The software and network preparation processes required to install OES 2 are outlined in Figure 4-1.

NOTE:Section 5.0, Getting and Preparing OES 2 Software contains instructions for obtaining the ISO image files referred to in the following illustration.

Figure 4-1 OES 2 Install Preparation

For detailed instructions, see Setting Up a Network Installation Source in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide.

4.11.2 About Your Installation Options

As illustrated in the previous section, OES 2 lets you install from either physical media or from files on the network.

OES 2 Options

OES 2 includes numerous installation options as documented in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide.

Virtual Machine Installation Options

Virtual machine installations offer additional options. For more information, see

4.11.3 Use Predefined Server Types (Patterns) When Possible

Both OES 2 and NetWare 6.5 SP8 include predefined server installation options that install only the components required to provide a specific set of network services. In the OES 2, these server types are called patterns.

For example, if you want to install an OES 2 server that provides enterprise level print services, you should select the Novell iPrint Server pattern during the installation.

You should always choose a predefined server type if one fits the intended purpose of your server. If not, you can choose to install a customized OES 2 server with only the service components you need.

More information about server patterns is available in the installation guides:

4.11.4 If You Want to Install in a Lab First

Many organizations prefer to install products on smaller servers for testing in a lab prior to full deployment. The OES 2 SP3: Getting Started with OES 2 and Virtualized NetWare walks you through installing and exploring all the basic OES 2 services.

4.11.5 If You Want to Install NSS on a Single-Drive Linux Server

Many are interested in Novell Storage Services (NSS) running on Linux. If you plan to experiment with NSS on a single-drive server, be sure to follow the instructions in Installing with EVMS as the Volume Manager of the System Device in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide.