2.3 Distributed File Services (DFS)

2.3.1 Hard Links Are Not Supported in a DFS Move/Split Volume Operation

DFS does not support move or split operations on volumes containing hard links. The hard links on the volume do not move correctly for either operations.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

2.3.2 Specifying Non-Default VLDB Database Paths on Replica Sites

If you specify two replica sites when you create a DFS management context, it is not possible to specify different non-default VLDB paths for each of the replica sites. By default, each replica site uses the default VLDB path appropriate for its platform. If you specify a non-default VLDB path when two sites are selected, that path applies to both selected replica sites.

For example, you typically specify a non-default VLDB path when you cluster the VLDB service for a replica site so that the VLDB is located on a clustered resource. If you cluster each replica site, the sites might need different non-default paths on their respective servers.

To specify different non-default paths for two replica sites, create the DFS management context with a single replica site, and specify its non-default VLDB path. After the management context is successfully created, use the Distributed File Services > Manage Replica Sites task in iManager to add the second replica and specify the non-default VLDB path to use for its VLDB.

Novell has no current plans to change this.