3.1 iPrint Issues

3.1.1 Profile Association Fails

After performing a Transfer ID migration, if you change the profile association for printer agents, the association fails with IPP Error: 0X400.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

3.1.2 Printer Agent User Hold Options Are Not Migrated

When you migrate a NetWare 6.5 SP7 or later Printer Agent to OES 2 SP3, and you have the User Hold option set on the agent, the option is not migrated.

3.1.3 iPrint Migration Progress Is Inaccurate

The progress of the iPrint migration is inaccurate in the Migration GUI, even if it is succesfully migrated.

Novell plans to fix this issue in the OES 2 SP3 first patch.

3.1.4 Banners Are Not Associated to Printers on the Target Server

In a successful migration, printers with all the drivers and profiles are migrated to the target server. Banners are also migrated but are not associated to the target printers.