3.2 Transfer ID Issues

3.2.1 DFS Junctions Are Not Restored After a Transfer ID Migration

If a volume on the source server is a DFS junction target, the junction is not restored when the Transfer ID migration finishes.

After the Transfer ID migration is finished, delete the ~DFSINFO.8-P file from all of the migrated volumes, then run a VLDB repair to restores DFS junctions on the target server.

3.2.2 Transfer ID Migration Requires a Pre-migration Server

The OES 2 Migration Tool is designed to meet all of your OES migration needs.

However, when you install the target server for a Transfer ID migration, and you reach the Software Selection and System Tasks dialog box, you must select the Novell Pre-migration Server option.

This prepares eDirectory for the Transfer ID migration that you will perform later.

Before performing a Transfer ID migration, we recommend that you manually back up eDirectory and the NICI keys.