2.2 Common Proxy

2.2.1 No Support for non-ASCII Passwords

The OES and YaST environments do not currently support non-ASCII passwords.

If you have password policies that support non-ASCII passwords, you should select the Attach common proxy user to common proxy policy option in the OES proxy install screen to enable all the OES scenarios to function correctly.

2.2.2 change_proxy_pwd.sh Cannot Contain Shell Variable Characters

If you enter a password for the common proxy user via the change_proxy_pwd.sh command, it cannot contain special shell variables ($#, $_, or #?). These characters are interpreted by the shell while processing service scripts.

The workaround is to enter the password within single quotes. For example, you can enter the password novell$$ as 'novell$$'. The shell does not interpret the content within single quotes.

2.2.3 The Common Proxy Password Cannot Exceed 20 Characters

If a common proxy user used by NetStorage is assigned a password policy, you must ensure that the password size specified in the policy does not exceed 20 characters.

2.2.4 iFolder Cannot Use the Common Proxy in NCS

When you are configuring iFolder in a cluster, iFolder should not use the common proxy user. Instead, use the service level proxy user.