2.6 What’s New for OES 2 SP3

In addition to bug fixes, the following capabilities for Dynamic Storage Technology in OES 2 SP3 have been added since the OES 2 SP2 release.

2.6.1 Confirming a Policy Deletion

When you delete a policy, you are now prompted to confirm the deletion.

2.6.2 Stopping a Running Policy

A option was added to the Dynamic Storage Technology Options page that allows you to stop policies that are currently in progress. For information, see Section 10.7, Stopping a Running Policy.

2.6.3 Using Encrypted NSS Volumes

You can use Encrypted NSS volumes to form a DST shadow volume pair. For information, see Encryption in Section 5.4.2, DST Support for NSS Features and Actions.

2.6.4 Using Novell CIFS

Novell CIFS provides a merged view of DST shadow volumes that are built with Novell Storage Services (NSS) volumes. It works with local or remote secondary volumes. For information, see Novell CIFS.

2.6.5 Using a Remote Secondary NSS Volume in a DST Shadow Volume

A technology preview is available for Dynamic Storage Technology that allows you to use a remote NSS volume as the secondary volume. The merged view is supported for both NCP users and Novell CIFS users. The Novell Client 2.0 (or later) for Linux is used to mount the remote NSS volume to the OES 2 SP3 Linux server where DST is running.

IMPORTANT:The remote secondary capability for DST shadow volumes is presented as a technology preview. It is not recommended for a production environment.

For information, see Section C.2, Requirements for Using a Remote Secondary NSS Volume.