A.3 OES Installation extend_schema Command

A tree administrator user with credentials to do so can use the OES Installation extend_schema command to extend the eDirectory schema before a cluster is installed anywhere in a tree. This allows container administrators (or non-administrator users) to install a cluster in a container in that same tree without needing full administrator rights for the tree. You need to extend the schema only one time in the tree where you will be installing clusters.

A.3.1 Syntax

/opt/novell/oes-install/util/extend_schema --port <port_num> <admin_username> <admin_password> <ldap_server_ip_address> <schema_file>

To extend the schema, the tree administrator user modifies the following schema files in the given order:



A.3.2 Options

Replace the parameters with the credentials to access and location of the eDirectory schema files.





The port number you assigned for eDirectory communications in the tree where you plan to install clusters. The default port is 636.



The typeful fully distinguished user name of the administrator who has the eDirectory rights needed to extend the schema.



The password of the administrator user.



The IP address of the eDirectory server that contains the schema files.

A.3.3 Example

For example, enter the following commands in the order shown, using the values for your particular solution:

/opt/novell/oes-install/util/extend_schema --port 636 cn=admin,o=example pas5W0rd /opt/novell/ncs/schema/ncs.ldif
/opt/novell/oes-install/util/extend_schema --port 636 cn=admin,o=example pas5W0rd /opt/novell/ncs/schema/ncpserver.preldif