3.13 Modifying the sys: Volume Mount Point

At install time, OES 2015 SP1 sets up the sys: volume with the Linux path of /usr/novell/sys, and creates an NCP volume for it in the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file. The sys: volume contains the same login and public directories that exist on NetWare. These directories let Novell clients run commands for logging in, mapping drives, and so on, as well as providing the means for client commands to be run from login scripts.

Typically, the mount path never changes. If you need to modify the path, use the following procedure:

  1. On the OES 2015 SP1 server, open a terminal console, then log in as the root user.

  2. Open the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file in a text editor.

    For example, to use gedit, enter

    gedit /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf
  3. Locate the volume definition entry for the sys: volume.

    The default path of the sys: volume is /usr/novell/sys, so its initial setting is:

    VOLUME sys /usr/novell/sys
  4. Type the new path. For example:

    VOLUME sys /newpath/sys
  5. Save the file.

  6. Restart the NetIQ eDirectory (ndsd) daemon by entering the following commands:

    rcndsd stop
    rcndsd start
  7. If NSS is installed on the server, restart the Novell NCP/NSS IPC daemon by entering

    /etc/init.d/ncp2nss restart

    For information about why this is necessary, see Section 3.5, Restarting the Novell NCP/NSS IPC (ncp2nss) Daemon.