11.1 Understanding Transfer ID GUI

The Transfer ID GUI runs a series of tasks for transferring the server identity of the source server to the target server. The identity of the server is made up of its IP address, hostname and the eDirectory DIB information from the source server.

On successful completion of the Transfer ID migration, the target server functions with the identity of the source server and source server goes offline

The interface is divided into a left pane and right pane, and each task is associated with an icon that represents the status of the task.

11.1.1 Left Pane

The left pane lists a series of tasks to be completed for successful completion of Transfer ID. Each task is associated with an icon.

Table 11-1 Status Icons



The task is not yet started.

The task is in progress.

The task is complete.

Errors must be resolved before proceeding with the next step. An error is displayed in the Errors text box.

You can choose to skip this task in the GUI and perform it manually.

11.1.2 Right Pane

  • Task Description: A description of the task in progress. The Command Executed field displays the command executed to perform the task.

  • Errors: A description of the error or warnings and a possible resolution. If no resolution is provided, you can find more information in the Novell Error Code online documentation.

  • Log Messages: Log messages for each executed tasks and the overall Transfer ID.

  • Send E-mail Notification: Select this option to receive an e-mail for a main task. An e-mail is sent only if you have already configured the Email Notification tab in the main Migration GUI screen. E-mail is not sent for suggests.

  • Ignore: Ignores a task and proceeds with the next task.

  • Back: Click Back to re-execute a task.

    IMPORTANT:When the current task is executed, the changes are committed, using Back on a completed task does not roll back the changes.

  • Next: Click Next to complete the current task and move to the next task.

  • Cancel: Click Cancel to close the Transfer ID Wizard and quit the task.

    IMPORTANT:The Transfer ID process is canceled, but changes or steps executed earlier are not rolled back.