13.2 Using VNC

To perform Transfer ID by using the VNC client (TightVNC), perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to the remote VNC client(TightVNC) running on target server from your server or desktop by providing the IP address of the target server.

  2. On the command prompt enter, miggui to launch the application.

  3. Authenticate both source and target servers.

  4. Select the migration type as Transfer ID.

    You can either migrate all the services to an OES server, then transfer the NetWare or OES server’s identity, or only transfer NetWare or OES server’s identity to an OES server.

  5. Perform Step 1 (eDirectory Precheck) to Step 6 (IP Change) provided in the Run Transfer ID.

    After changing the IP address, the TightVNC console will hang.

  6. Close VNC client and then relaunch it.

  7. Connect to the VNC server by providing the new IP address from Step 5.

  8. To complete Transfer ID, perform Step 7 (Hostname Change) to Step 10 (Restart Server) provided in the Run Transfer ID.