5.1 DNS on NetWare versus DNS on Linux

5.1.1 Management Interface

Java Console

The Management Console is a Java application that provides a graphical user interface to manage the objects created to support DNS and DHCP. The Management Console functions as a standalone utility.

For customers who are moving from Netware to Linux, the management interfaces remain the same as before.

5.1.2 Commands

The following table provides details on difference between commands used to administer DNS Server.

Table 5-1 Commands to Administer DNS Server




Starting the DNS Server

load named

rcnovell-named start


/etc/init.d/novell-named start

Stopping the DNS Server

unload named

rcnovell-named stop


/etc/init.d/novell-named stop

Checking the status of the DNS Server

m named

rcnovell-named status


/etc/init.d/novell-named status

Journal log size


Specify using Java Console, DNS Server Object> Advanced tab > max-journal-size field.

Unsupported Command Line Parameters

On NetWare, the following command line parameters can be used to administer the DNS Server. In the new solution on OES, the parameters are not supported:

  • [-dc categories]

  • [-mstats]

For additional details on using novell-named, see Section 13.3, novell-named Command Line Options

5.1.3 Filenames and Paths

In OES, the binary names and paths of the files have changed. The following table explains the differences:

Table 5-2 Difference Between NetWare and Linux Binary Names and Paths


On NetWare

On Linux

Server Binaries



*.db file



*.jnl file



stat files



Log file



5.1.4 Installation Difference

Installing on NetWare

On NetWare, installation was managed using the dnipinst.nlm utility. This utility also provides the capability to perform upgrade.

Installing on Linux

On OES, DNS and DHCP services can be installed through YaST. This method also installs the dependencies.

5.1.5 Features Not Supported

  • Auditing

  • Monitoring

  • SNMP

  • Screen Logging

  • Zone Information