17.3 DSfW with Remote DNS (Child Domains)

In this scenario, DNS is not installed on the local system and remote DNS is used to serve the child domain.

17.3.1 DSfW on a Remote DNS Server

YaST determines the remote DNS server configuration only when the Configure this server as DNS server option is not selected by the user. In this case, YaST does not call dns-inst utility to configure the DNS server on the local machine, but it gets the details of the remote DNS server by displaying a new screen to the user. This new screen prompts for the following objects:

  • Locator object (DNS-DHCP): Fully qualified DN

  • DNS group object (DNSDHCP-GROUP): Fully qualified DN

While calling the utility, YaST needs to pass the following objects to ndsdcinit:

  • Locator object FQDN

  • DNS group FQDN

  • Local or remote server configuration (LOCAL_DNS)