4.5 Downloading and Preparing OES Software

4.5.1 Downloading OES 2015 SP1 Software from the Novell Web Site

If you already have OES 2015 SP1 ISO image files, skip to Section 4.5.2, Preparing the Installation Media.

If you have OES 2015 SP1 product media (CDs and DVDs), skip to Section 4.4.3, Installing OES 2015 SP1 for Evaluation Purposes.

To download ISO image files from the Web:

  1. If you don’t already have a Novell account, register for one on the Web.

  2. Access the Novell Downloads Web page.

  3. Do a keyword search for Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1.

  4. Click the proceed to download button (upper right corner of the first table).

  5. If you are prompted to log in, type your Novell Account > username and password, then click login.

  6. Accept the Export Agreement (required for first downloads only) and answer the survey questions about your download (optional).

  7. Print the download page. You need the listed MD5 verification numbers to verify your downloads.

  8. Scroll down to the Download Instructions section and click the Download Instructions link.

  9. Print the Download Instructions page for future reference.

  10. Use the information on the Download Instructions page to decide which files you need to download for the platforms you plan to evaluate, then mark them on the MD5 verification list on the page you printed in Step 7.

  11. On the download page, start downloading the files you need by clicking the download button for each file.

  12. If you have purchased OES 2015 SP1 previously and received your OES 2015 SP1 and SLES 11 activation codes, skip to Step 15.

    Otherwise, in the Evaluating Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 section, click the Get Activation Codes link in the Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 paragraph.

    60-day evaluation codes are sent in separate e-mail messages to the e-mail address associated with your Novell account.

  13. Access your e-mail account and print the messages or write down the activation codes.

    Both the OES 2015 SP1 and the SLES 11 codes are required for product registration and downloading software updates.

  14. Click Back to return to the download page.

  15. In the download table at the top of the page, click the Install Instructions > View link at the end of the list of files to download.

    Although you might have printed this file earlier, the online version is required for the steps that follow.

  16. Scroll past the download decision tables; while you wait for the downloads, read through the brief installation instructions, clicking the links for more information.

  17. Verify the integrity of each downloaded file by running an MD5-based checksum utility on it and comparing the values against the list you printed in Step 15.

    For example, on a Linux system you can enter the following command:

    md5sum filename

    where filename is the name of the .iso file you are verifying.

    For a Windows system, you need to obtain a Windows-compatible MD5-based checksum utility from the Web and follow its usage instructions.

  18. (Optional) If you plan to install OES 2015 SP1 from files on your network, see the instructions in Setting Up a Network Installation Source in the OES 2015 SP1: Installation Guide.

4.5.2 Preparing the Installation Media

IMPORTANT:If you have downloaded .iso image files from the Web, it is critical that you verify the integrity of each file as explained in Step 17. Failure to verify file integrity can result in failed installations, especially in errors that report missing files.

Instructions for preparing installation media are located in Setting Up a Network Installation Source in the OES 2015 SP1: Installation Guide.

4.5.3 Installing Purchased Activation Codes after the Evaluation Period Expires

After purchasing Open Enterprise Server, use the instructions in Registering the Server in the Novell Customer Center Using the Command Line in the OES 2015 SP1: Installation Guide to enter the purchased activation codes that you received with your purchase. After logging in as root, complete the step where you enter the activation codes, replacing the evaluation codes with the purchased codes.