6.11 Management

6.11.1 iManager RBS Configuration with OES

In Installing RBS in the NetIQ® iManager Administration Guide, you are instructed to run the iManager Configuration Wizard before using iManager.

When iManager is installed in connection with OES, various roles and tasks are configured, as shown in Figure 6-1.

These roles and tasks are available to all the users you create until you run the configuration wizard. After that, the roles and tasks are available only to the Admin user and other users or groups you specifically designate.

Figure 6-1 iManager Roles and Tasks

For more information on iManager, see the NetIQ® iManager Administration Guide.

6.11.2 Storage Error in iManager When Accessing a Virtual Server

iManager returns a Storage Error when you access the Authentication tab for a virtual server object. This is working as designed.

6.11.3 Truncated DOS-Compatible Short Filenames Are Not Supported at a Terminal Prompt

Use the actual filenames instead of names such as filena~1.txt during file operations from the command prompt.

6.11.4 LUM-Enabling Required for Full Administrative Access

The current LUM architecture requires that administrators, administrator equivalents, and RBS-enabled managers be LUM-enabled to have full management capabilities.