6.13 NCP

6.13.1 NCP Doesn’t Equal NSS File Attribute Support

NSS file attributes and NCP services tend to get mixed together in the minds of OES administrators, especially those with a lot of NetWare experience. It is important to remember that file and directory attributes are supported and enforced by the file system that underlies an NCP volume, not by the NCP server.

For example, even though the Rename Inhibit attribute appears to be settable in the NCP client interface, if the underlying file system is Linux POSIX (Ext3, XFS, and so on) there is no support for the attribute and it cannot be set.

Salvage (undelete) and Purge are other features that are available only on NSS and only where the Salvage attribute has been set (the NSS default). They can be managed in the NCP client and through NetStorage, but they are not available on NCP volumes where the underlying file system is Linux POSIX.

Some administrators assume they can provide NSS attribute support by copying or migrating files, directories, and metadata from an NSS volume to a defined NCP volume on a Linux POSIX partition. However, this doesn’t work, because NSS file attributes are only supported on NSS volumes.

6.13.2 Opening MS Office Files Using Novell Client for Windows 7

To open MS Office files through an NCP (Novell Client) connection, Windows 7 workstations must be running Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows, version IR 9a or later. Otherwise, file open requests are denied. See TID 7009540.

Windows XP workstations do not experience the problem. The latest version of Novell Client for Windows XP is version 4.91 SP5 (IR2).