4.2 Planning Your Migration

You can optionally use the File System Migration Tool to migrate data and trustee information from an NSS volume on NetWare to an NCP volume on an OES 2018 SP1 server. For information, see Migrating File Systems to OES 2018 SP1 the OES 2018 SP1: Migration Tool Administration Guide.

4.2.1 System Requirements for the OES 2018 SP1 Server

The destination server is an OES 2018 SP1 server. The destination volume is an existing NCP volume on a Linux POSIX file system.

  • NCP Server must be installed and running.

  • Users of the data must be NetIQ eDirectory users. They will have the same trustee rights to the NCP volume on the destination server as to the original NSS volume.

  • Linux User Management must be installed and enabled on the OES server if you plan to give access to CIFS users of the NCP volume.

  • Use the NCP Server Console utility (ncpcon) to create the target NCP volume.

  • Ensure that the user who performs the migration has Read/Write access rights to the POSIX path that corresponds to the NCP volume.

4.2.2 Supported Platforms for the Source NSS Volume

The File System Migration Tool supports migrating data from NSS volumes on the following platforms or later versions:

  • OES 2018 SP1

  • OES 2018

  • OES 2015

  • OES 11

  • OES 2

  • NetWare 6.5 SP8