8.8 Using SUSE Manager to Patch an OES Server

SUSE Manager is a server solution for providing updates, patches, and security fixes for single SUSE Linux Enterprise, OES, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux clients. It comes with a set of tools and a Web-based user interface for management tasks. For more information on SUSE Manager, see the SUSE Manager documentation.

You can use SUSE Manager to patch an OES server.

8.8.1 Setting Up SUSE Manager

Use the information contained in the following sections to set up a SUSE Manager server:

Installing SUSE Manager

For more information about installing, patching and mirroring, see the SUSE Manager Documentation.

  1. Install SUSE Manager.

  2. Patch SUSE Manager before configuring it.

  3. Configure SUSE Manager. Ensure to provide the appropriate mirror credentials to access the OES and SLES channels.

Mirroring the Required OES Channels

  1. Mirror the OES 2018 SP1 and OES 2018 SP2 channels. For more information on mirroring the channels, see Synchronizing Products from SUSE Customer Center.

    • OES 2018 SP1 Channels:

      • OES2018-SP1-Pool,
      • OES2018-SP1-Updates
      • OES2018-SP1-SLES12-SP3-Pool
      • OES2018-SP1-SLES12-SP3-Updates
      • OES2018-SP1-SLE-Module-Containers12-Pool
      • OES2018-SP1-SLE-Module-Containers12-Updates
      • OES2018-SP1-SLE-Manager-Tools12-Pool
      • OES2018-SP1-SLE-Manager-Tools12-Updates
    • OES 2018 SP2 Channels:

      • OES2018-SP2-Pool
      • OES2018-SP2-Updates
      • OES2018-SP2-SLES12-SP5-pool
      • OES2018-SP2-SLES12-SP5-Updates
      • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Module-Containers12-Pool
      • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Module-Containers12-Updates
      • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Manager-Tools12-Pool
      • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Manager-Tools12-Updates
  2. (Conditional) If this is the first time the OES channel is mirrored, the following error message is displayed:

    ChannelException: The GPG key for this repository is not part of the keyring.
    Please run spacewalk-repo-sync in interactive mode to import it.

    Use the following steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Run the spacewalk-repo-sync -c <any-oes-channel-name> command.

      For example, spacewalk-repo-sync -c oes2018-sp2-pool-x86_64.

    2. When you are prompted to import the keys, import the keys and continue with Step 1

      After the keys are imported, other OES channels are mirrored without any issues.

Creating Activation Keys and Registering Clients

For information on how to create activation keys and register clients, see “Registering Clients” in the SUSE Manager Documentation.

8.8.2 Patching an OES 2018 or Later Server Using SUSE Manager

  1. Ensure that you have completed Setting Up SUSE Manager.

  2. Log in to the SUSE Manager Web console (https://<SUSE Manager Server_hostname or IP_address>) with administrative credentials.

  3. Click Systems.

    SUSE Manager lists all the registered OES servers along with the number of patches available for each OES server.

  4. Select the OES server, click Software > Software Channels, then verify that the required channels are selected.

  5. To apply a patch, select the OES server, click Software > Patches, select all the patches, then click Apply patches > Schedule the patch > Confirm.

    The OES server is updated with all the patches.