3.4 Specifying Network Settings

Configuration success is directly tied to specific networking configuration requirements. Ensure that the settings covered in the steps that follow are configured exactly as specified.

NOTE:If DHCP is configured in your network, Network Settings page is not displayed. In such case, to configure the Static IP, click Network Configuration... button on the top right corner of the Customer Center Configuration page.

Specify the setting for each network board on the server:

  1. On the Overview tab of Network Settings page, select the network card you want to configure, then click Edit.

  2. Select Statically Assigned IP Address, then specify the IP Address and the Subnet Mask for the interface.

    OES requires a static IP address.

  3. Click the Hostname/DNS tab.

  4. Specify the Hostname associated with the IP address you have or will assign to the server.

  5. Specify the Domain Name for the server.

  6. In the Name Servers and Domain Search List, specify from one to three DNS server IP addresses.

  7. Click the Routing tab.

  8. Specify the IP address of the default gateway on the subnet where you are installing the OES server.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Continue with Section 3.5, Specifying Customer Center Configuration Settings.