2.5 Preparing eDirectory for OES 2018 SP2

2.5.1 Extending the Schema

An eDirectory tree must have its schema extended to accommodate OES servers and services as explained in the following sections:

Who Can Extend the Schema?

Only an administrator with the Supervisor right at the root of an eDirectory tree can extend the tree’s schema.

Which OES Services Require a Schema Extension?

The following service schema extensions are included with OES.

A single asterisk (*) indicates a service that is either required for OES servers or for the default services that are installed on every OES server.

Unmarked extensions are implemented the first time their respective services are installed, unless the schema was previously extended using another method, such as the YaST plug-in (see Using the YaST Plug-In to Extend the Schema).

  • NetIQ Directory Services*

  • OES Linux User Management (LUM)*

  • OES iPrint Services

  • OES DHCP Services

  • OES DNS Services

  • OES NCP Server

  • OES NetStorage

  • OES Storage Services (NSS)

  • OES SMS*

  • OES Domain Services for Windows

  • NetIQ NMAS*


  • OES Clustering

  • OES Remote Manager

  • Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)

Extending the Schema While Installing OES

The simplest way to extend the schema for OES servers is to have a tree admin install the first OES server and the first instance of each OES service that you plan to run on your network.

After this initial installation, you can assign subcontainer admins with the required rights to install additional servers and services. For more information on the required rights for the various OES services, see Rights Required for Subcontainer Administrators.

Using the YaST Plug-In to Extend the Schema

If you want a subcontainer admin to install the first OES server or the first instance of an OES service in an existing tree, and you don’t want to grant that admin the Supervisor right to the root of the tree, someone with the Supervisor right to root can extend the schema by using YaST from any of the following locations:

  • An OES server running in another tree

  • Install a fully patched OES 2018 or later without installing any of the services, followed by the yast novell-schematool installation.

To run the Novell Schema Tool:

  1. On the server’s desktop, click Computer and open the YaST Control Center.

  2. Click Open Enterprise Server > Novell Schema Tool.

  3. Depending on the installation method you used, you might be required to insert your OES installation media.

  4. On the NetIQ eDirectory Extension Utility page, specify the information for an eDirectory server with a Read/Write replica of the Root partition.

    Be sure to provide the correct information to authenticate as an admin user with the Supervisor right at the root of the target tree. Otherwise, the schema extension fails.

  5. Select all of the other services you plan to run on any of the OES 2018 or later servers in the tree.

  6. Click Next.

    The schema is extended.

    The YaST2 novell-schematool utility writes the schema event messages to the /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/oes_schema.log file on the server where the utility is running.

Extending the Schema for OES Cluster Services

If you want a subcontainer administrator to install the first instance of OES Cluster Services in a tree, you can extend the schema by following the instructions in Installing, Configuring, and Repairing OES Cluster Services in the OES 2018 SP2: OES Cluster Services for Linux Administration Guide.