1.2 Using Auditing Client Applications with the NSS Auditing Engine

Some auditing client applications, such as Novell Sentinel and various third-party products, can access audited events that are reported by the NSS Auditing Engine. Information about the NSS Auditing Engine Software Developer Kit (SDK) is available on the NSS Auditing SDK Web site.

1.2.1 NetIQ Sentinel Server

NetIQ Sentinel server can be used to collect and report on event logs from the NSS Auditing Client Logger utility. NetIQ Sentinel server runs on a 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 host. You can download NetIQ Sentinel server from the Novell Download Web site. A 60-day evaluation license is available on the download site. For installation and usage instructions, see the Sentinel Documentation Web site.

1.2.2 Third-Party Partner Applications

The following Novell partners are developing applications for use with the NSS Auditing Engine:

  • Blue Lance

  • NetVision

  • Symantec