D.0 Quick Reference to OES User Services

Use Table D-1 as a quick reference for providing your network users with instructions for accessing each OES service.

Table D-1 OES User Services Quick Reference


Access Method or URL






For browser access, use:

http: or https://server_ip_or_dns/netstorage

For WebDAV access, use:

http: or https://server_ip_or_dns/oneNet/NetStorage

The WebDAV URL is case sensitive.

Client for Open Enterprise Server

  1. Install the Client for Open Enterprise Server on a supported Windows workstation.

    For Macintosh support, see Novell Kanaka for Mac.

  2. Log in to eDirectory.

  3. Access NCP volumes on NetWare or Linux that you have the appropriate file trustee rights to.

Novell AFP

In the Chooser, click Go and browse to the server.

Novell CIFS

Map a network drive in Windows, Linux, or Mac Finder.

Create a Web Folder in Internet Explorer.

For more information, see the OES 2018 SP1: Novell CIFS for Linux Administration Guide.

OES Remote Manager


Any LUM-enabled user can see their directories and files on OES servers.