3.3 Upgrade

3.3.1 Upgrading to OES 2018 SP1

Distributed File Services is not supported for NSS on OES 1 servers. Thus, there are no existing DFS services installed on OES 1. After upgrading the OES server to OES 2 or later, the DFS capability is available when NSS is installed.

  • If NSS is installed on an OES server, the DFS capability is added automatically as part of the NSS services upgrade.

  • If NSS is not installed on the OES server, you must install NSS on the OES server after the upgrade by using the Software Management option in YaST.

Ensure that the OES server meets the requirements as specified in Section 3.1, Requirements for OES Services before you add the server as a replica site or create junctions on its NSS volumes.

IMPORTANT:Verify that the /var/opt/novell/dfs directory was created during the upgrade process. If the directory does not exist, create the directory as the root user, and set its POSIX permissions to mode 755 (rwxr-xr-x).