15.4 Cannot Delete DFS Management Context by Using iManager

If you have selected a cluster pool as a DFS replica and it gets corrupted, the management context and the replica cannot be deleted.

When a DFS management context is created on an O or OU container object, two attributes are added to its container object in eDirectory:

  • DFS-VLDB-Hosts: Contains a list of the replica servers for the management context.

  • VLDB-Backend-ID: Contains the filename used for the VLDB, which is vdqad.

To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. Using iManager, delete the attributes: DFS-VLDB-Hosts and VLDB-Backend-ID from the O or OU container.

    1. Using iManager, select Directory Administration > Modify Object.

    2. Specify the container that is located in the DFS management context.

    3. Click General > Other to display the Attributes.

    4. From the Valued Attributes, select DFS-VLDB-Hosts, click Delete, then OK.

    5. From the Valued Attributes, select VLDB-Backend-ID, click Delete, then OK.

  2. If the VLDB process is running on the replicas, kill the process.

    1. To get the process id of vldb, execute the following command:

      ps -aef | grep vldb

    2. Kill the process id received in Step 2.a.

      The DFS management context is deleted.