Retain Release Notes

1.0 Introduction

This documents changes in the initial Retain 4.8 release as well as the replacement patched release of Retain.

2.0 About This Release

The Retain patch release focuses on performance and functional enhancements, and fixes.

3.0 Upgrading Retain

To upgrade your system to Retain

If you are running a version earlier than 4.7, follow the upgrade path documented in Upgrade and Migration in the Retain Unified Archiving guide.

4.0 New Features

4.1 Patched Release

  • RET-11177 – Added an “Optimize Now” button to simplify the index-optimization initiation process.

    This new feature required work that was tracked in the following:

    • RET-11484 - Add the appropriate logging for the Optimize Now button

    • RET-11826 - Change Last Index Optimization date when optimization completes rather than when it starts.

    • RET-11836 - Show progress status during the Index Optimization process.

    • RET-11837 - Relabel and reposition the Optimize Now button to be Optimize Index Now

    • RET-11897 - Include link to upgrade documentation in warning about 4.7 index-optimization requirement.

4.2 4.8 Initial Release

  • RET-9488 – Use a mock email address when forwarding (e.g. if a sender/recipient is not recognized as an internal user for both PIN & SMS messages.

  • RET-9870 – Added MySQL 8.0 to the list of supported databases.

  • RET-10709 – All archived content for GroupWise shared folders can be made available to current subscribers via the “Show shared folders” option in the module.

  • RET-11115 - Added the SMG channel name to the message properties.

  • RET-11267 - Moved the SMG channels to the profile page.

  • RET-11345 - Display all SMG messages under the “Social Media Governance” folder.

  • RET-11117 - The access right to run the licensing report has been moved from "Manage Users and Groups" to "Access all audit logs".

  • RET-11489 - Implemented an alternate Java garbage collector.

  • RMA-263 - Added support to view additional file types on Android.

5.0 Resolved Issues

5.1 Patched Release

  • RET-8734 – Fix Export-to-PDF error in message body.

  • RET-11655 – Lack of index prevents additional component installations.

  • RET-11722 – Reduce and optimize memory consumption.

  • RET-11755 – Limit reindexing of failed items to only those items.

  • RET-11770 – Fix upgrade to include check for MALLOC settings in j2ee.

  • RET-11829 – Messages reported as indexed before attachments are finished.

  • RET-11875 – Version number updates not consistent.

  • RET-11876 – Build area not yet provided.

  • RET-11934 – Blackberry messages processed unnecessarily.

  • RET-11958 – Fix issue with exported PDF pages getting cut off.

  • RET-12077 – Fix issue with PDF files not getting indexed.

  • RET-12096 – Address Book fails to cache O365.

  • RET-12104 – Fix SQL database t_folderlink sub select query performance issue.

  • RET-12116 – PDF Export cuts off right side of document.

  • RET-12119 – Correct naming error of file.

  • RET-12120 – Correct naming error of file.

  • RET-12121 – License Reports cause Retain to crash and try to export as a .JSP file.

  • RET-12148 – Address book sync causes GW module closed exception.

5.2 Initial 4.8 Release

  • RET-5550 - Eliminate extra password prompt used when testing SMTP connection.

  • RET-5576 - Add encryption to additional fields in server ASConfig file.

  • RET-6450 - Handle missing given and surname fields with Google Apps accounts.

  • RET-7188 - Unable to save or open attachments with Chinese/Persian characters in name in exported PDF files.

  • RET-7340 - Job Status Report sent during maintenance contains no data.

  • RET-7669 - Retain stays in maintenance mode when there is insufficient disk space available.

  • RET-8054 - Title and Department missing from Google Apps address book cache.

  • RET-9513 - Indexer attempts to index the same text document every two minutes.

  • RET-9513 - Prevent repeated attempts to index problematic messages which subsequently generated the error “org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists”.

  • RET-9600 - Messages that had been forwarded in GroupWise as attachments did not view properly when exported as PDF.

  • RET-9845 - Reconcile the number of messages processed between the Worker, the Summary Report, and Reporting and Monitoring.

  • RET-10198 - Attempts to access the “Exported Items” tab would result in a 500 error.

  • RET-10303 - Incorrect tool tips appear in "Advanced Search > Add Search Options" page of Retain WebUI.

  • RET-10306 - Unnecessary blank spaces appear in the “Close Retain Download” of the Outlook plugin.

  • RET-10330 - Formatting changes in Retain Web interface to prevent truncated checkbox controls.

  • RET-10480 - Skip damaged messages during the SMTP forwarding process.

  • RET-10487 - Reconcile message count with Retain server and Outlook Plugin.

  • RET-10504 - Fix for “Session is closed” Hibernate error that appeared after updating to Retain 4.6.

  • RET-10610 - Mailbox deletion job would delete 5000 items and then stop.

  • RET-10620 - Various string changes in Linux installer.

  • RET-10702 - Simplified controls for scheduled maintenance.

  • RET-10756 - Fix for exception thrown during configuration of Google Apps module.

  • RET-10909 - Deletion of accounts through Exchange Distribution List would fail.

  • RET-10937 - Field validation for proxy server port field.

  • RET-10975 - Fix for error in router log when saving Retain Message Router configuration.

  • RET-10986 - Remove mysqlError.xhtml from the Retain installation package.

  • RET-10997 - When removing a device from Device Management, the error “DeviceManagement: Error when unregistering...” would appear in the Retain server log.

  • RET-11045 - Eliminate unnecessary disk I/O during archive job to increase throughput.

  • RET-11088 - Verify that the indexer port is not already in use.

  • RET-11173 - Remove server name field from SMG module and configuration.

  • RET-11197 - Ensure that O365 autodiscover responses are handled via HTTPS.

  • RET-11419 - Force encapsulation of the account_name column in the licensing account report .csv file.

  • RET-11511 - Fix for empty .csv file when generating licensing account report.

  • RP-1465 - Message times in exported PST files did not match times in Retain.

  • RP-1472 - Attempts to publish SMG messages could generate a 500 error.

  • RET-10163 - Outlook Plugin – Missing localized strings for time in "Advanced Search > Add Search Options" page of Retain WebUI.

  • RET-10304 - Outlook Plugin – Untranslated "True" and "False" in "Advanced Search>Add Search Options" page of Retain WebUI.

  • RET-10910 - Outlook Plugin – Truncated strings “Limited the Results to.." in "Download Settings" dialog.

  • RP-1464 - Publisher – Untranslated "True" and "False" in Advanced Search > Misc. > Opened.

6.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: