Retain Installation and Administration

  Retain Installation and Administration
    Retain Unified Archiving
      Are You Creating a New Retain System?
      Are You New to an Existing Retain System?
      Key Concepts
      Modules Overview
      Profiles Overview
      About Retain Users and the System Address Book
      Retain Functional Overview
      How Archive Jobs Work
      Retain’s Archive Data Organization
      How Retention Services and Item Store Flags Work
      Retain’s Target Systems and Data Streams
      About Retain Version Numbering
      Retain Planning and Design Best Practices
      Hardware Planning
      System Requirements
      Storage Planning
      Tomcat Memory Requirements
      Messaging Systems Supported for Retain Archiving
      Ports Used
      System File Locations
    Installing Retain 4.9
      Retain Deployment Checklist
      Installing a Web Server
      Creating and Maintaining an SQL Database
      Installing a Retain Server on Linux
      Installing a Retain Server on Windows
      Running the Retain Server Configuration Wizard
      Accessing Retain’s Browser-based Management Interface
      Backing Up Retain
      General Maintenance
      Un-installing Retain
      Installing Other Retain Components on Linux
      Installing Other Retain Components on Windows
      Starting and Stopping the Retain Server
    Upgrading to Retain
      Preparing to Upgrade to
      Upgrading from 2.6.2 to
      Upgrading from (or 3.5.1) to 4.5
      Upgrading from 4.5 (or 4.4) to
      Upgrading from to
      Moving Retain to a New Server
      Moving a MySQL Database to Another Server
      Upgrading MySQL to a New Version
    Getting Started with Retain Archiving
    Setting Up Job-Based Archiving
      Understanding Retain Jobs
      Creating the Required Schedules
      Creating Workers
      Archiving Blackberry Server Data
      Archiving Bloomberg
      Archiving CellTrust (SecureLine Generation 1)
      Archiving Exchange and Office 365
      Archiving Google Apps ( GSuite)
      Archiving GroupWise
      Archiving Social Media Governance
    Setting Up REST-Based Archiving
      First, Configure the Retain Server or Router Connection
      Archiving Android Messages and Call Information
      Archiving AT&T Messages
      Archiving Blackberry Messenger Enterprise
      Archiving CellTrust Generation 2
      Archiving GBS Notes
      Archiving GroupWise Messenger
      Archiving Ionlake MyRepChat
      Archiving TeleMessage Messages
      Archiving UM Labs Messages
      Rules Configuration
      Retain Message Router Configuration
      Storage Manager
      Stubbing Server
      Mailbox Mapping Options
      GroupWise Disaster Recovery Integration
    Server Configuration
      Communications Tab
      Index Tab
      Storage Tab
      Accounts Tab
      Maintenance Tab
      Logging Tab
      Miscellaneous Tab
      Module Forwarding Tab
      REST API Tab
      Account Linking
      Reporting and Monitoring
      Mailbox Error Monitoring
      Audit and System Logs
      Deleting Data
      Device Management Overview
      Mobile Device Management
      Blackberry Device Management
      Litigation Hold
    Using Retain’s Archives
      Logging in to Retain as a Non-admin User
      Viewing Message Contents
      The Browse Tab
      How Retain Searching Works
      The Advanced Search Tab
      The Legacy Search Tab (Deprecated)
      The Exported Items Tab
      The Tag Definitions Tab
      Retain Mobile Apps
      Tools Overview
      Retain Publisher and Viewer
      Outlook Plugin Administrators Guide
      Outlook Plugin
      Outlook Web App Plugin
      Retain PST Importer
      GroupWise WebAccess Plugin
      GroupWise Client Plugin
      GroupWise Archive Migration Tool
      Mobile Tools
      Retain App
      Create a REST Collector
      Swagger UI
      Managing Retain Language Support
    About Retain
      About and Diagnostics Page
      Retain Component Licensing
      LGPL – GNU Lesser General Public License
      BSD License – Individual Component Licenses
    Legal Notice