3.8 Jobs

3.8.1 Starting a Job Manually

Jobs will start automatically at the date and time they are set to.

To start an archive job manually you need to:

  1. Select a Single Frequency Schedule for the job. Save Changes

  2. Go the selected single frequency schedule and set the time at least 1 minute into the past.

  3. Browse to the Worker Console <http://<Retain_Worker_Host>/RetainWorker

  4. Click the “Refresh job cache now” button.

  5. The job will begin momentarily.

  6. Once the job has completed you will want to confirm the data is in the archive. See Using Retain’s Archives in the Retain 4.9.2: User Guide.

3.8.2 Stopping a Job

A running job can be aborted.

Go to Jobs | Status tab. There will be an abort button visible. Press it and in a few moments the job should abort.

If after at least five minutes the job does not abort, you may want to consider killing the job.

Killing a Job

To kill a job, go to the Retain Worker Console and under the Status tab attempt to kill the job with the “Kill Job” button.

WARNING: Do NOT use this button if you have not already attempted to use the Abort Job button in Retain Server | Job | Status.

Alternatively, you can restart tomcat to stop a job.