1.12 Installing Other Retain Components on Linux

1.12.1 Deploying Production-Use Worker Agents on Linux

For all but small, all-in-one installations, best practice dictates having a Worker installed on each email, messaging, or other targeted system as applicable. For more information, see Worker Locations in Retain 4.9.2: Planning.

Installing Worker Agents

The Linux installer lets you install additional workers, one at a time.

  1. Make sure the email or other server meets the Retain Prerequisites for Linux Servers.

  2. Prepare the Retain installation software on the server as instructed in Downloading and Preparing the Retain Installation Files on Linux.

  3. At the terminal prompt, enter the appropriate command for the worker instance you are installing on the server:

    1. First worker on server:


    2. Each additional worker:

      ./RetainInstall.sh addworker

  4. Accept the license agreement.

    Type q to go directly to the acceptance options.

  5. Acknowledge the system requirements by pressing Enter.

  6. (First Worker only) By typing n or y as appropriate, choose to install only a Worker.

  7. (Additional Workers only) Enter the number (1-9) of the Worker agent you wish to install. You can install workers in any order.

    If you mistakenly enter a number that you have previously entered, before the install finishes, it asks whether you want to keep the same configuration, overwrite the configuration, or quit the installation.

  8. For the Worker installation location, you can either confirm the standard install location (/opt/beginfinite/retain), change the installation path, or quit the installation.

  9. For the Worker log file location, you can choose to keep the default log location at /var/logs or to store the log files in /opt/beginfinite/retain/tomcat/logs.

    There is a separate log file for each worker, found in /var/log/retain-tomcat8/RetainWorkerN.yyyy-mm-dd.log unless otherwise specified for this worker.

  10. (First Worker only) The install checks for JDK 11 as described in Access to the appropriate JDK running on the system:.

  11. Choose to run the retain-tomcat process on start-up or not.

    NOTE:This choice affects Tomcat start-up for the server and any workers that you installed previously, not just the worker you are currently installing.

    The installer completes the Worker configuration, displays information about accessing the worker in a browser, and provides some brief troubleshooting tips.

Creating Worker Web Objects and Downloading Worker Boostrap Files

After installing the Worker Agents for your Retain deployment, you need to connect them to the Retain Server by creating a Worker Web Object for each of them and downloading their respective bootstrap files.

  1. After installing and acknowledging the location of the documentation, the installer shows you how to access the Workers that were just installed.

  2. Using the password you set during the installation, log into the Retain web console as admin.

  3. Create a new Worker and download the Bootstrap for each new Worker you installed. You may save it with a different name to organize it.

  4. Browse to the new Worker at http://[ServerAddress]/RetainWorkerN, where N is the number of the worker you just installed.

  5. Upload the bootstrap.

  6. Click Continue and log in to the worker.

  7. Check the friendly name that it is the one you expect.

1.12.2 Installing a Retain Message Router on Linux

Install the Router on a separate Linux server in the DMZ to allow devices outside your network to archive to the Retain Server without exposing the server directly to the Internet.

  1. Make sure the server meets the Retain Prerequisites for Linux Servers.

  2. Prepare the Retain installation software on the server as instructed in Downloading and Preparing the Retain Installation Files on Linux.

  3. If a previous version of Java was installed via YaST, tomcat may fail to start. Uninstall the existing Java with YaST and unset the JRE_HOME path (unset JRE_HOME).

  4. Run the installer. Enter the following command: ./RetainInstall.sh

  5. When selecting the components to install. Select yes to "Install Retain Message Router" only.

  6. Finish the install as normal.

  7. Create a 10 GB data directory for the Router to use to temporarily use to store messages until they can be transferred to the Retain Server.

    NOTE:The Storage Path must not be the same as the Mobile Module Data path.

  8. Configure the Router in the Retain Server console under Configuration | Router Configuration. See Retain Message Router Configuration Page in Retain 4.9.2: Configuration and Administration.

  9. The Router can be accessed by browsing to (case-sensitive): http://[IPAddress or HostName]/RetainRouter.