6.7 Setting Custom Storage Path Rights on Linux

During the initial Retain Server configuration process, you must specify where archived data will be stored.

If you plan to specify a path other than /var/opt/beginfinite/retain (the default), then, before running the configuration wizard, you must grant the Retain Server read and write access permissions and ownership for the storage paths that you specify.

Do the following before running the Retain Server Configuration Wizard.

  1. After installing the Retain server, determine the user and group that Retain uses to access the file system by opening a terminal prompt on the Retain server and entering the following command, which is a lower-case L:

    l /opt/beginfinite/retain

    In the following screenshot, Retain is running as tomcat:www.

  2. If your customized storage locations don’t already exist, you can create them using the mkdir command:

    mkdir /mount-point/directory-structure

    For example, we have previously created a mount-point for our data storage device on the Retain Server and named it


    We now create directories on the device for storing message attachments and index files. We also create a subdirectory under the /attachments directory for storing PDF files, as follows:

    mkdir /datastore/attachments
    mkdir /datastore/attachments/PDF
    mkdir /datastore/index 
  3. After you create your customized storage locations, make sure to grant ownership and access permissions at the top level of each directory structure you create, using the chown and chmod commands.

    chown –R user:group /mount-point/directory-structure
    chmod –R 744 /mount-point/directory-structure

    Continuing the example from Step 2, we grant ownership and access permissions to the top-level directories as follows:

    chown –R tomcat:www /datastore/attachments
    chown -R tomcat:www /datastore/index
    chmod –R 744 /datastore/attachments
    chmod -R 744 /datastore/index
  4. Finally, you should verify the changes you made to your new storage directories using:

    l /mount-point

    Continuing with our example:

  5. You can now specify your customized storage locations when you run the Configuration Wizard. See Running the Retain Server Configuration Wizard in Retain 4.9.2: Installation and Upgrade.