3.2 Retain is Modular and Flexible

Because Retain is modular, component software can be installed on different servers, as the needs of your system dictate.

3.2.1 All-in-One Systems

This is recommended for:

  • Proof-of-concept systems.

  • Small systems that aren’t expected to grow beyond a few hundred users.

3.2.2 Medium to Large Systems

This is recommended if

  • Your organization already has a dedicated database server.

  • Your users are assigned to several different post offices and/or messaging systems.

For medium to large systems, Micro Focus recommends assigning one worker agent per post office/messaging system (as applicable).

3.2.3 Very Large Systems

This is recommended if you have a very large system that requires high availability for searching the Retain archive.

The high-availability indexer requires a separate license and at least a 3-server cluster.