1.1 Logging in to Retain as a Non-admin User

NOTE:Administrators can enable OpenID authentication for Office 365 and GSuite users, enabling them to access their Retain archives by authenticating to their respective messaging platforms.

See the following:

To access their Retain archives, users must first log in to Retain.

  1. In a workstation browser, enter the following URL:


    For example:

  2. In the Login dialog that displays, enter the username and password for the archived mailbox that you want to access.

    For example:

    • If you are accessing a GroupWise mailbox, enter your GroupWise username and password.

    • If you are accessing an Exchange mailbox, enter your AD username and password.

    • If you are accessing a Google mailbox, enter your G Suite username and password.

      WARNING:Because G Suite classifies Retain as a less-secure app, if you attempt to have Retain verify your credentials to access the archive before completing the steps below, Google will deny access, block your account, and send you an email warning of a security risk to your account.

      Therefore, before attempting to access the Retain archive, you must do the following:

      1. Using a browser, log in to your Google account.

      2. While logged in, go to this page.

      3. Notice that the Allow less secure apps: option status is OFF (unless you have previously turned it on).

      4. To access your G Suite archive, you must turn the option ON using the slider control to the right.

        Turning the option on, causes Google to send you an email alert that the setting was changed.

      5. Retain actually poses no security threat. However, you can turn the option ON temporarily each time you access the archive if desired.

Retain’s browser-based user interface is the core of the information retrieval system for the Retain archive. Administrators, auditors, and users search for what they want and can view, print, export, or forward the results. General users have the right to view their own archive, and will immediately be brought to the Retain mailbox interface, but limited to their own account.

Retain takes a snapshot of each mailbox as an archive is made. Each message is stored where it was found at the time it was archived.

A normal user will be directed to their Retain Mailbox. Users by default have the rights to View and Save attachments, and Forward and Print messages.

If a user has at least one administrative right assigned, the user will see the Retain Management console on login, and must select the ‘Search Messages’ option from the navigation window in order to access the archive.

The full administrator interface opens with the following tabs, users may or may not have access to all of these depending on the rights assigned by the admin: