2.8 GroupWise Client Plugin

The GroupWise Client Plugin provides access to the logged-in user's Retain Archive from the GroupWise Client interface. The plugin adds a Retain Menu item as well as a Retain button along the top ribbon for easy web access to the archive. These buttons will open a new browser window and log the user into Retain automatically. Additionally, the plugin may hide the native GroupWise Archive option if selected during the install.

To enable the GroupWise client to search the Retain archive from within the GroupWise client itself, the administrator would need to enable Stubbing. See Performing Retain Searches Within The GroupWise Client in Retain 4.9.2: Configuration and Administration.

The GroupWise Client Plugin is found on the tools page. To access the tools page, select the 'tools' link from the top right of the Retain Server administration page.

2.8.1 System Requirements

  • GroupWise Win 32 Client

  • Retain Server 4+

NOTE:Because the plugin provides transparent single sign-on features, installing the client may introduce some security concerns on a public workstation. It is not recommended for installation on any public workstation.

2.8.2 Installation

To install the plugin, download the plugin to the desired workstation and run the executable file.

The installation gives an opening summary. Click 'Next' to continue.

An installation summary is displayed. If a silent install is desired, the install may be performed with the following commands.

The Retain URL is the connection URL for the Retain Server. Check the URL to make sure the URL works before continuing. If the URL is incorrect the plugin will not function correctly.

Select whether to install for only current, or all users on the system.

The Retain plugin may be used instead of the GroupWIse Archive. To hide the GroupWise Archive in favor of the Retain Archive, select the box and click 'Next' to continue.

The install location for the plugin is displayed. The location may be changed. Default is shown.

A final summary of the selected settings is displayed. To change any setting, utilize the 'Back' button. Otherwise, select 'Install' to continue.

Once the install has been completed, the GroupWise Client needs to be started, or restarted, to load the plugin.

2.8.3 Appearance

Once started/restarted, login to the Client as usual.

The Retain plugin will have a Retain menu item as well as a Retain Archive button on the top ribbon. To access the Retain Archive, a user simply selects the 'Open Retain Archive' button from the ribbon, or the same item from the Retain menu from the top bar. Once selected the user's Retain Archive will open in a new browser window.