2.10 Mobile Tools

Retain can archive messages from a mobile device.

2.10.1 RetainService Android App

The RetainService Android App is available under the Tools menu as Android APK Retain App for Android Phones

2.10.2 System Requirements

  • Android Oreo 8.x or higher.

  • If the user will travel internationally it is important to set the device to connect with port 80 as port 48080 is blocked by telecom companies across borders.

2.10.3 Installation

Download to the mobile device manually or with an MDM. See Creating a Mobile (Android) Module in Retain 4.9.2: Archiving Guide.

2.10.4 Use

Once installed the RetainService app appears.

After the RetainService app has been installed the Retain Administrator may send a registration email. This will include a JSON file with registration details.

You may be asked to log into the app the first time. This will be your email address for the user name and the Registration ID for the password.

If the administrator has the IMEI of the device, a message can be sent to register the device remotely.

2.10.5 Main Page

Once logged in the main page shows the settings for the app.

2.10.6 Options menu

The options menu is available under the three vertical dots. This provides Logs, Enroll Device, ACE Enrollment and Send Data to Router.


The logs option will show the logs.

Logs Tab

The Logs tab will show all activity.

Calls Tab

The Calls tab will show only the calls made.

Messages Tab

The Messages tab will show only the messages made.

Enroll Device

If the device cannot be enrolled with an MDM an email can be sent with an enrollment link, which is placed here.

ACE Enrollment

For use with Retain SaaS only. This provides the IEMI ID to be used with Retain Device Management.

Send Data to Router

This option will send data to the router immediately rather then by the default schedule.