3.1 Launching SMAdmin

  1. Double-click the SMAdmin icon from the Windows desktop.

    An authentication dialog box appears.

  2. In the Engine field, specify the DNS name or IP address where the Engine service is installed.

  3. In the Port field, specify the secure port number.

    The default setting is 3009.

  4. Specify the username.

    You must specify the username in the form Domain\username.

  5. Specify the password.

    The user must be a member of the smadmins group to be able to log in.

  6. Click Login.

3.1.1 Overriding Proxy Settings at Login

As a .NET application, SMAdmin is managed by the proxy configurations and exceptions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you do not have an exception in your proxy settings to allow for SMAdmin, the SMAdmin application might not launch.

Try to launch SMAdmin using the default setting first. If you are unable to log in, use the following procedures:

  1. Repeat Step 1 through Step 5, then click the Proxy and Logging Options button to expand the authentication dialog box.

  2. Select Do not use a Proxy.

  3. Click Login.

3.1.2 Enabling Temporary Logging Override

Selecting Enable Temporary Logging Override indicates that you want Storage Manager to override any logging configuration settings you have set for the Engine and the Agent in SMAdmin, and to create log files during this session. The data contained in the log files might be useful for troubleshooting.