7.5 Setting Up Security for a Collaborative Storage Template

Properly setting security and rights for collaborative storage in eDirectory can be potentially confusing. For this reason, we are providing an example of the correct way to set up security for a collaborative storage template.

The example provided is for a school class where the instructor is using a collaborative storage folder as the means of distributing assignments to students, as well as the means of retrieving assignments that the students turn in. The students cannot see the personal folders of the other students.

The file structure above is a common structure that can be used as a template for collaborative storage in an academic setting. By establishing the correct permissions, the course instructor can be established as the owner with full control of the collaborative storage area. Students can be provided with personal folders for retrieving and turning in assignments.

The diagram below shows the security permissions that must be established.

Figure 7-2 Common Academic Setting Collaborative Storage Template Structure

Figure 7-3 Security Permissions for Each Folder in the Sample Template

The diagram above shows the trustee assignments that must be established for each of the folders in the template structure. For example, the -OWNER- object must be given RWECMF rights to the Class-Template folder.

7.5.1 Establishing Trustee Rights

If you have the Client for OES installed, you can establish the trustee rights specified for each of the folders in Figure 7-3 through Windows Explorer.

  1. Log in through the Client for OES.

  2. Launch Windows Explorer.

  3. Right-click the Class Template folder and select Trustee Rights.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. In the dialog box, browse to the -OWNER- object and grant him trustee RWECMF rights.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Repeat Step 2 through Step 5 to establish the remaining trustees and rights as specified in Figure 7-3.