Chapter 12. Special Features of SUSE LINUX

Table of Contents

12.1. Linux Standards
12.2. Hints on Special Software Packages
12.3. Booting with the Initial Ramdisk
12.4. linuxrc
12.5. The SUSE Rescue System
12.6. Virtual Consoles
12.7. Keyboard Mapping
12.8. Local Adjustments — I18N and L10N


This chapter provides information about the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) and Linux Standard Base (LSB). Various software packages and special features, such as booting with initrd, linuxrc, and the rescue system, are described in detail.

12.1. Linux Standards

12.1.1. Linux Standard Base (LSB)

SUSE actively supports the efforts of the Linux Standard Base project. Up-to-date information about the project can be found at The currently valid LSB specification is at version 1.3.x. Apart from the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS), which now forms part of it, the specification defines things like the package format and details of the system initialization (see Chapter 13. The SUSE LINUX Boot Concept).

12.1.2. File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

In accordance with the LSB specification, SUSE LINUX is also compliant with the File System Hierarchy Standard or FHS (package fhs). Also see For this reason, in some cases it was necessary to move files or directories to their correct places in the file system, as specified by the FHS.

For example, one aim of the FHS is to define a structure with the help of which /usr can be mounted read-only.

12.1.3. teTeX — TeX in SUSE LINUX

TeX is a comprehensive typesetting system that runs on various platforms. It can be expanded with macro packages, like LaTeX, and consists of numerous files that have to be organized according to the TeX Directory Structure (TDS) (see teTeX™ is a compilation of current TeX software. On a SUSE LINUX system, teTeX™ is installed in a way that ensures compliance with the requirements of both the TDS and the FHS.

12.1.4. Example Environment for FTP Server

To make it easier to set up an FTP server, the ftpdir package includes an example environment. This is installed in /srv/ftp.

12.1.5. Example Environment for HTTP Server

Apache is the standard web server in SUSE LINUX. Together with the installation of Apache, some example documents are made available in /srv/www. To set up your own web server, include your own DocumentRoot in /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and store your files (documents, picture files) accordingly.