12.3 Adding Vibe Users from Your LDAP Directory

Unless you have a very small OpenText Vibe site, you create Vibe users by synchronizing their user information from an LDAP directory service such as eDirectory, Active Directory, or GroupWise.

For information about how to add users to your Vibe system via LDAP, see Synchronizing Users and Groups from an LDAP Directory in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 Administration Guide.

IMPORTANT:Consider the following before you add users to your Vibe system:

  • For a large Vibe site with thousands of users, the synchronization process can consume substantial server resources and can take some time to complete. Perform the initial import from the LDAP directory at a time when this processing does not conflict with other activities on the server.

  • After they are added to the Vibe system, users could log into the Vibe site by using their eDirectory, Active Directory, or GroupWise user names and passwords. However, you should not invite users to access the Vibe site until after you have finished setting up the Vibe site, as described in VibeSite Setup in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 Administration Guide.