3.19 Synchronizing Tasks and Calendars to a Desktop Application

iCal functionality in Vibe enables you to synchronize Vibe tasks and calendars with any desktop application that supports the iCal format (for example, Google and Outlook). You can synchronize tasks and calendars in the following ways:

3.19.1 Synchronizing Tasks Folders and Calendar Folders

You can synchronize Vibe Tasks folders and Calendar folders to other task lists and calendars that support the iCal format.

  1. Navigate to the Tasks folder or Calendar folder that you want to synchronize to your desktop calendar application.

  2. Click the Footer toolbar, located at the bottom of the folder page.

  3. In the iCal URL section in the provided table, select and copy the iCal URL.

    You use this link to export Vibe calendar data for inclusion in another calendar that supports the iCal format.

  4. Paste the iCal URL into the required section of the desktop calendar application.

    Consult the documentation for the desktop application for instructions on where to paste the iCal URL and complete the synchronization.

3.19.2 Synchronizing Task and Calendar Items When Entries Are Created

When you create a task or calendar entry in Vibe, you can configure Vibe to send an email notification and iCal task/appointment to all of the users, groups, or teams that you associated with the task or calendar entry.

  1. When creating the entry, select Send an E-Mail Notification to Assignees, or Send an E-Mail Notification to Attendees, depending on whether you are creating a task or a calendar entry.

iCal tasks and appointments appear in the recipients’ main task list or calendar if the email application supports iCal. When users mark a task Accepted or Completed, an email message is sent to the original entry creator, notifying the entry creator of the change. However, the change in status is not reflected in Vibe.

For more information on how to create an entry in Vibe, see Creating a Folder Entry.