2.5 Creating and Managing a Team Workspace Root Workspace

A Team Workspace Root workspace is designed to contain multiple team workspaces. Use this type of workspace if you want to create additional team workspaces as sub-workspaces to this workspace. When users with appropriate rights view this workspace, they can easily create a new team workspace by clicking the Add a Team Workspace button, as described in Creating a Highly Visible Team Workspace in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 User Guide. The Add a Team Workspace button is not displayed in regular team workspaces.

You can control who has access to create workspaces in Team Workspace Root workspaces by modifying the access controls, as described in Section 4.0, Controlling Access.

For more information on organizing team workspaces for a Micro Focus Vibe site, see Managing Team Workspaces in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 Administration Guide.

To create a Team Workspace Root workspace:

  1. Navigate to the location where you want to create the Team Workspace Root workspace.

  2. Create a regular team workspace, as described in Creating a Team Workspace inside of an Existing Team Workspace in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 User Guide.

  3. Navigate to the workspace that you created in Step 2.

  4. Click the Configure icon next to the workspace title, then click Configure Views, URLs and Controls.

  5. On the Configure Workspace View tab, in the Default View section, select Team Workspace Root.

  6. Click Apply > Close.