2.6 Patch Management

Changes to Patch Management include the following:

  • Superseded Patches: In the Subscription Service Content Download settings, you can now to choose to delay the disabling of superseded patches for up to 90 days or postpone them indefinitely for patches included in patch policies.

    For more information, see Superseded Patches in the What’s New in ZENworks 2017 Update 1 section of the ZENworks 2017 Update 1 Patch Management Reference.

  • Redesigned Dashboard: The Dashboard section on the Patch Management Dashboard page is redesigned with interactive options for changing how the data is displayed.

    For more information, see View the Patch Management Dashboard in the ZENworks 2017 Update 1 Patch Management Reference.

  • PostgreSQL Database Support: Patch Management supports the use of the PostgreSQL Database on ZENworks servers. Postgres is an internal database that is configurable option selected during installation. You can also migrate to PostgreSQL from the Sybase SQL Anywhere Database.

  • IPv6 Support: Patch Management added support for network communications using Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

    For more information about IPv6 in ZENworks, see the ZENworks 2017 IPv6 Reference.

    NOTE:Networking between the CDN and Content Repository for patch content will continue using IPv4, if ZENworks is configured for IPv6.

  • RHSM Required for Red Hat Distributions July 31, 2017: Although the RHSM subscription option is not new for Update 1, the requirement from Red Hat for all Red Hat clients to migrate to RHSM coincides closely to this ZENworks release. For more information, see the following sections in the ZENworks 2017 Update 1 Patch Management Reference: