1.4 ZENworks Asset Management

1.4.1 ZENcollector

To support the latest software and hardware technology, a new inventory collector called ZENcollector is introduced in ZENworks 2017. The ZENcollector ensures support for the latest and future devices, software and technologies. Using this feature, you can get better hardware and software inventory data at significantly minimized scan time. ZENcollector is available in all modes of operation (Managed, Inventory Only and Portable Collector) on a Windows environment.

For more information, see Using the Portable Collector in the ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference.

1.4.2 License Compliance Dashboard

To effectively manage software licenses and to view compliance for software products installed in an organization, ZENworks 2017 introduces a new License Compliance Dashboard under the Asset Management module. The Dashboard includes the following tabs:


The License Compliance tab provides a quick overview of all the licensed software products that are compliant, under licensed or over licensed. Along with this information, it also lists the top licensed products along with their deficit, surplus and balanced license counts.

Licensed Products

The Licensed Products tab displays a consolidated view of the licensed products and their Entitlements, Discovered Products and Catalog Products along with the number of licenses available and number of licenses consumed.

Using the Licensed Products tab, you can also create a new licensed product from the list of available discovered products. This new wizard significantly simplifies the creation of a licensed product and its associated license entitlement, purchase record and catalog product in few easy steps.

For more information, see Asset Management Dashboard.

1.4.3 Web App Usage Tracking

ZENworks 2017 supports Web App Usage Tracking on all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.

1.4.4 Per Machine Multi-version License Model

ZENworks 2017 supports a new type of license entitlement model called Per Machine Multi-version. In this license model, if there are multiple discovered products, such as older and newer versions added under coverage, the license consumption count will be one even if both the older and newer versions are installed on the same machine.

1.4.5 Dynamic Groups and Folders for Per-Machine Entitlement

Dynamic groups and folders can be assigned to the Per-Machine entitlement coverage. On such an assignment, when ZENworks identifies that the selected software is installed on a device and that device is part of a group or a folder, it then automatically calculates license consumption and compliance assuming that the device is covered by the Per-Machine entitlement.

1.4.6 Quick Task for Full Inventory Scan

ZENworks 2017 introduces a new quick task to perform full inventory scans on devices. This new quick task can be run from ZENworks Control Center, and the scanned inventory data will be uploaded to the server based on the schedule set by the administrator. This quick task works even with older versions of ZENworks (11.4.x) agents running on Windows, Linux and Mac devices.