13.7 Enrolling an iOS DEP Device

Enrolling a DEP device is simple for an end user, as you can enable the user to skip most of the device activation prompts by modifying the DEP Profile. Before enrolling a DEP device, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

13.7.1 Prerequisites

  • Add a DEP Server in ZCC that links the ZENworks MDM Server and the virtual MDM Server in the Apple portal.

  • Assign devices to the virtual MDM Server in the Apple portal. These devices are then discovered by ZENworks and populated in ZCC.

  • (Optional) Assign users to the device, if you want only this user to be associated with the device during DEP enrollment.

  • (Optional) Modify the DEP profile settings to enhance the enrollment process.

  • (Conditional) If you modify the DEP profile, ensure that modified DEP profile is successfully assigned to the Apple Portal.

To learn more about each of the items listed above see, Integrating with Apple Device Enrollment Program.


  • Assign a Mobile Enrollment Policy. For more information, see Creating a Mobile Enrollment Policy.

  • (Conditional) If you are re-enrolling a device that was retired by another user, then ensure that the earlier device object is deleted in ZCC.

  • (Optional) Assign a Mobile Email Policy to configure the email account on the device. For more information, see Creating a Mobile Email Policy.

NOTE:Enrollment of Apple TV devices is supported on an experimental basis. The procedure to enroll these devices is the same as enrolling an iOS device. After enrollment, the device objects for Apple TV devices are displayed as iOS.

13.7.2 Procedure

Follow the setup prompts to enroll the device. After the user configures the Wi-Fi settings, log-in to the device with the user credentials. If the device is assigned to a specific user, then the credentials of only this user should be specified or else enrollment will fail.

After the device enrolls, you can view the Deployment Status of the device in ZCC, which should have changed from Discovered to Managed. You can view this status on the device’s Summary page. The enrolled device object is also created within the Mobile Devices folder (Devices > Mobile Devices) or in the appropriate folder as defined in the Mobile Enrollment Policy.

NOTE:Before re-enrolling a device, if the ownership (corporate or personal) is modified in the Mobile Enrollment Policy, the modified ownership is not applied on the re-enrolled device. The ownership defined during the initial phase of enrollment is considered.

A device that was enrolled using the ZENworks User Portal is being re-enrolled through Apple DEP using another user’s credentials, then ensure that the earlier device object is deleted in ZCC.